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Brandon Garrett

Commissioner – District 8

As a lifelong resident of Augusta, serving on the commission as the District 8 representative is truly an honor.  I strive to always be engaged with life in District 8 with an open ear and to work diligently to make our community a better place to live and raise our families. 



Bringing together our community to build a better Augusta is vital to our success as a city.  

A Vision For The Future

Protecting our areas resources and maintaining a high quality of life is vital to our District. I will continue to strive to help those in need and be a voice of reason for all of Augusta. 


Actionable Issues

 Improving infrastructure issues in District 8 continues to be at the forefromt of my work. This ranges from pothole remediaton and road resurfacing to improving drainage in problem areas. 

Brown Rd water line mains were recently switched over to a new main to help prevent the numerous water line breaks in the area. 

New development opportunities, both residential and commercial,  are on the horizon within the district. 

I am fighting to keep SPLOST allocated funds in our district such as the soon to be constructed Splash Pad at McBean Community Center and the current work on the Red Field in Hephzibah. 

I am working towards a reform on street light and storm water fees to ensure that our constituents are receiving the promised services that their tax dollars fund. 

Lock and Dam and Maintaing our pool levels on the Savannah River are vital to our city’s wellbeing.  Continue to contact local, state and federal representatives to #savethepool. 



Contribute to a Cause

A Recycling  Service  Workshop will be help in January, 2020. Please come and voice your concerns for this program. 

Follow #savethepool on Social Media for updates on the federal lawsuit to help protect the  Savannah River and New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam. 



About Brandon Garrett

Augusta born, Burke County High School graduate and South Richmond County resident for nearly 20 years, I call this place home. I love Augusta — all that she is and all that she has the potential to become. 

I fell in love with my wife Candace, a Hephzibah native, over 20 years ago.  We are raising our two young sons on our small family farm.  We hope to instill in them the values and traditions that make our area so special. 

As a family, we work, learn, play, and worship in the Central Savannah River Area.  Together we hope to spend our lives serving our Lord and helping our fellow man.




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Campaign contributions are always helpful to help facilitate better communication within the community. 

If you are interested in serving our area through volunteering or serving on various boards, please send me an email. 


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